Autumn Rain (heyokah) wrote in healedhealers,
Autumn Rain

I'm sorry this took so long

Greetings all,

I am so sorry...I missed the beautiful introductions and conversations so many of you contributed to a community I created (and abandoned, more so in terms of being away from the internet altogether) some time ago. I would like to humbly re connect myself to this healing space, as I had intended it to be.

I, myself have been going through quite the healing crisis dealing with metastesized cancer of the thyroid, spread to the lung and lymphnodes (all along my beck were removed.)
I can honestly say if it were not for the generosity of spirit and strength inspired from going for reiki treatments, I don't believe I would be where I am now.
No, I am not in remission, but I have strangely never been so healthy. Healthy food,reiki, shiatsu, yoga and meditation as a consistant practice have made me look and feel incredible.
I am 28 but now look younger than i did at 17. Not that appearances are the priority, but what i mean is reflecting light and energy.
Once things get a little more settled, I hope to give the gift back especially to cancer patients, through my reiki practice.
But I am not here just to tell my story (that could go on for hours)...I encourage you to tell yours...that is what this community is for.
I would also like to start a prayer/light/reiki list.
Please add on your loved ones, and let's find a time to sit down and send them some healing light.
Please...your feedback is necessary.
Let me know what you think of this, as I think it is vital to the growth and nature of this healing group.

With peace and light,



Here's what to do:
If you want to add yourself or someone you know to the list...leave a note with their name on the next entry i post which will be simply called healing list)
If you are a healer yourself, then hopefully we can align ourselves every last sunday of the month, at 7pm eastern canada time zone, sorry...check time zones...i'm not good at technicalities) to send some pure healing light to your family, friends and animal friends...

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