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Greetings all! Just a short introduction! My name is Inali Maya Ke'aloha but ya'll can just call me Inali. :) I'm a 24 year old lady living in Florida and I work at home as a medical transcriptionist and a freelance artist/sculpter/writer. Note, I'm smack dab in the middle of Aries and I act like it. ;)

I am also a Reiki Master Practitioner and I just got my Reiki Master Teaching certification. I've been wanting to talk with other Reiki and other healers of all variaties and it just dawned on me to check out the LJ communities. :) I've been practicing Reiki since I was a child and I stated when I was 3 that my purpose was to become a "healer", so here I am! Note, I put "healer" in quotations because I do not take credit for any healings that come of my services. I'm just the channel.. Spirit is doing all the healing and the healee is doing the healing.

I also do chakra work and I am seen by my peers as a sort of spiritual therapist. I also perform Quantum Touch and I am fascinated with Herbology. I'm into animal right's, women's rights, civil rights, vegetarianism. I'm a self-spiritualist. I shall never follow a set path but I always create my own, even in Reiki.

I guess I wouldn't call myself a "Healed Healer" but a "Healing Healer" as I have so much emotional crap to go through. Thing is, I'm a pack rat both in the material world and emotional world. My mother became bedridden with Lupus among other disorders when I was 5, my father began abusing prescription medication at the same age and became a raging alcoholic when I was 14 and he is just now 8 months sober (Go Dad! :D). I'm overly sensitive. I can't walk into a room without scanning every bit of information feeding into my subconscious and picking up on everyone's crap and that alone is hard enough to deal with. I'm just now starting to adjust to life on this dimension and I'm starting to like it a bit. I never have a hard time admitted my shortcomings to myself but my problem is letting things go and releasing them ... IF I can even figure out what is bothering me. I have the oddest phobias such as the stars, sex, relationships.. etc and I have no clue where they came from. So, that's just some of what I am personally dealing with on top of a massive ego (that's the Aries coming through).

So, to sum it all up... I'm a 24 year old, female, artistic and creative, tree-hugging, animal loving, barefoot all the time, bikini wearing cause I hate clothing, vegetarian, talking to the trees and wind all the time hippy who was born 20 years too late. :)

Peace and love!
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