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with an open heart

Healing with an open heart
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This community is not "strictly" a healer's community. Although the intent is pure and simple: to share and listen with respect of the Sacred point of view of others, while being freely and willingly to express your own.

Jamie Sams wrote about "healed healers" in her (highly recommended by me) amazing book about The Dream Weave, Dancing the Dream. She did not invent this term, but I felt it embodied my perception of what healing is all about. The journey within never ends, it is an endless stream, threads of energy ever forming, new cells dancing.

I would like this community to be open to but not exclusively: Naturopathic practioners/patients, any medical professional/patient, Spiritual healers, art therapists, Medical intuitives, Iridologists, therapists of any field, those seeking advice on healing/support......ETC.

While I welcome Reiki masters, Shamans, channelers, dreamers, seers, natural therapists, ETC......I couldn't stress any further that any and all are welcome....

I would be so honoured if the above souls would join, as it would enrich our community as much as questions from those seeking advice or wishing to share their healing journey, will.

If you're a healed healer, or if you are interested in walking your talk, join....

If you're simply curious and would like to listen in/watch, please do so, but with respect of others (not to simply make fun of what others believe in.)

Peace and light,