Dr. Josef Mengele (just_sigrun) wrote in healedhealers,
Dr. Josef Mengele


An introduction...

Name: Sigrun Liobhering

Age: 26, will be 27 on Feb 5th (yes I am an Aquarius)

Interests: see my interests on my profile silly :)

Have you gone to a healer, experienced a healing dream/intuition, or witnessed something that seemed almost angelic/miraculous? I have experienced healing dreams and intuition, yes.

Are you interested in alternative medicine? But of course.

Are you looking for a Naturopathic Practioner? Yes... but my MediCal probably won't cover it :(

What are you Spiritual interests, if any? Germanic Heathenry (Irminenschaft).

Can you recommend a book/etc that changed your life? Too many to list...

What colour is the most healing for you? Purple.

What are some of your goals on your journey? To heal from bipolar disorder/PTSD without medication, to repair the cognitive atrophy caused by overmedication for 4 years. To meditate properly and connect with my Gods.

I hope to connect with others on the healing path, to learn from your experiences as I share mine.

Alaf Sal Fena!
Siggy :)
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