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Hi my name is Amber...

I was looking around some of my friend's communities and I came across this one. I like the thought of this because I am a healer by nature.

I am a Reiki Master having just had my Master level attunement on April 30th. I have also been practicing Shamanism/druidism for the last couple of years and I find that my path has led me not astray, but to those who guide and help. I am excited about learning more about the healing arts and finding more I can do with the energy work that the goddess has so lovingly placed by into my life. (I have been a healer for many life times) I hope that in this life I can be as successful.

I do use stones in some of my healing works and I am interested in learning about herbal medicine and other modalities that can enhance my practice to a level in which my soul remembers being comfortable. I love making friends and talking to people about their paths and ailments.

I hope that I may learn from this community that which will aid me in being a better shaman/reiki master in the future. I know that there may be those who hurt and are ill that come across these boards. I pray that they find the solice they are looking for and the help they need. May the goddess bless this community for the healing works it has already done.

Love & light,
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