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Cyber Outings/Cyber Guided Meditations

I have been doing guided meditations via Instant Messaging for a few friends. One was a very specific deal to do a SHAMANIC JOURNEY. And the other is a several times a week (often we try for daily) thing to work toward lessening her pain, due to physical disability. I asked in both cases and was given permission to use the sessions on my shamanic journal. So, you have the SHAMANIC JOURNEY which was directed for a purpose. (though I did not mention what the purpose was in order to protect privacy) It did succeed in resolving the issue by the way. I have a full report of that in detail from the other participant. The guided meditations also do have a lasting(several hours at a time) effect for my other friend, I wish that I could do more for her, but this seems to be good in place of other things which seem to be failing her right now. If you would care to check these entries out you can find them on my shamanic work journal at wolffes_ways ...
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